Docentric story in Finance magazine: “Uspeli kot partnerji Microsofta”

For DOCENTRIC, it’s a great privilege 🙏 to appear in TOP Slovenian magazine Finance. This is a big recognition for us as a company who’s started growing from a really small piece of software, while today we see it more as a valuable opportunity for positive affirmation of our team and the world around us, especially our professional community ❤.


At DOCENTRIC our primary goal is creating TOP PRODUCTS which empower our customers, partners, and fellow IT professionals to shine at their work and achieve amazing results.

Besides TECHNOLOGY, we are passionate about our professional COMMUNITY even more. Our products have been growing on the community feedback and we proudly consider ourselves to be a COMMUNITY-FIRST, COMMUNITY-DRIVEN and COMMUNITY-FRIENDLY Microsoft ISV Partner. We boost our professional community with FREE APPS, participating in USER GROUPS and COMMUNITY EVENTS as attendees, speakers and sponsors.

As big community enthusiasts, we’ve recently organized the first edition of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Community Conference here in Portorož, DynamicsMinds, which was 💥amazing success with 600+ attendees from all over the Europe and USA, with 150+ sessions and 120+ speakers, including Community influencers, MVPs, Microsoft top leaders and engineers 🚀.


✔ Sustainable and smart business model.
✔ Top-quality products and customer service.
✔ Belief that pure technology is worth nothing without the infusion of philosophy & art.
✔ Growing the team aligned with our Company Values such as Excellence and Creativity.
✔ Developing, educating and inspiring people for personal growth.
✔ Having servant leaders and ensuring that all people shine where they are best at.
✔ Embracing diversity and inclusion, acceptance and respect.
✔ Thinking out-of-the-box, being open-minded, daring and curios.
✔ Doing things with a spirit, commitment and passion.
✔ But first of all, having fun in everyday work and laughing out loud!

We honestly believe that a small group of passionate and dedicated people, who are aligned to the same vision, can literally do anything and achieve amazing results on a global scale! We’ve proven that many times so far 😊. We also believe that a company is only a platform for developing a cohesive team, which can pivot in the right direction anytime if needed.

Why not join us on this exciting journey?
We are waiting just for you 😉

Want to meet us? Just drop us a message at!

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Uspeli kot partnerji Microsofta >>

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>