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When previewing Print management reports such as Project invoice and Purchase order through Original preview and Copy preview on journals, the result are documents generated using the DEFAULT report design. This is simply because Original preview and Copy preview work without considering Print management setup.

On the other hand, when printing the same reports via Use print management on the same journal forms, the resulting documents are generated using the report design configured in Print management setup.

If you want to check which report design will actually be used when printing a report through Print management, you can use Docentric Print management preview. This is the quickest way to verify your Print management setup, especially if you have complex Print management setting overrides for customers and vendors.

In short, Print management preview enables you to preview reports from the journal forms using the report designs selected in Print management setup, and it works for both SSRS and Docentric designs.

The best of it is that Print management preview, when used with SSRS report designs, is part of Docentric Free Edition so you can use it completely free of charge!
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Print management preview used with Docentric designs

The following video shows the Print Management preview feature in action when using Docentric templates. Enjoy! 🙂

There is more!

Docentric improves Print management in many other ways.
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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>