Generating the DDSP file

In various troubleshooting cases and to design and test a Docentric report template, we need to generate the report data source and save it as a physical file called the Docentric Data Source Package (DDSP file).

There are two possible ways to generate the DDSP file:

  • By switching on the Generate DDSP when report runs option in the Docentric report setup.
  • By printing to a special print destination – Generate DS. This approach isn’t recommended for Print Management reports, which is why Docentric provided the option to hide the Generate DS print destination in the Docentric AX parameters.
    Generate DS displayed

The first option is the most commonly used way of generating the DDSP file. Here are the steps:

  1. In the Docentric AX workspace, select Reports.

  2. In the Filter, write the report technical name to locate the report, then open it by clicking on it. If the report is not yet registered with Docentric, you’ll first need to register it.
    Locating the report in the Docentric report setup

  3. Select the Generation options menu item.

  4. Click Edit and set Generate DDSP when report runs to Yes.

  5. Save and close the setup.

Once you’ve completed the steps, execute the report and the DDSP file will automatically be downloaded to your browser.

If you are downloading a DDSP file for the first time, note the browser warning informing you that it has blocked the content from downloading - to proceed with the download, please make sure to allow this content type to be downloaded.
In case the DDSP file doesn’t generate, check the technical name of the report.

You can read more about the Docentric Data Source Packages (DDSP) in the following resources:

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We purchased your product and it works really well for us, but I am having trouble generating a DDSP file for the WHS Bill of Lading. I have the report set up to recognize the report ID so I know exactly which report is generated:

The DDSP generation settings for this report are enabled:

However, no DDSP was generated when the document was printed. So I tried to use this feature as well:

No data source file was generated here either. On the other hand, this works as expected with other reports, so it is obviously not a general or browser problem.

Please let me know what I need to do to create a DDSP file for this report. Thanks!

Hello @JohnR, thank you for submitting this case.

The report in question is a print management report (see below, 1), and we have already seen cases where such reports have behaved strangely.


If no user has ever changed the print management settings for this specific report, the default print destination (SSRS screen) is still set:

In this case, the print destination that you manually configured to trigger the generation of the DDSP (above, 2) when running the report is not considered, as the print management setting overrides it. We have already investigated a similar issue and found that this behavior is related to the functioning of standard D365 and not Docentric.

However, once you change the print destination in print management to point to a different destination, it will be used automatically, and any manual (ad hoc) selection will be ignored.

Could you please check the settings in print management for this report? If it is set to the default destination, please set it to Docentric > Generate DS, enable the flag to Use print management (above, 1), and try printing again.

Please let us know if the suggested solution resolves the issue for you.