Cannot generate DDSP, hard coded redirect in SSRS?

I have followed Generating the DDSP file for a report, but it still will not generate a DDSP File. I tried a different report, and that one I can make a DDSP file for fine, but not one particular report.

The previous admin left a Visual Studio change note of setting up a hard-coded redirect to the report.

Would that possibly be the cause?

Hey @JTWWI, welcome to the Docentric Forum!

I understand that DDSP file generation is working for some of your reports, but not for others. It’s possible that some code customizations you’ve have may be conflicting with the functionality.

To help resolve the problem, we suggest reaching out to our Support team at with more details. If you could kindly include the technical report name that would be a huge help! You can enable showing technical name when printing a report by enabling the “Discover report technical name” option in User Options under the Account tab.

Hello Blaž,
I set it back to the out of the box report, and I was able to get a DDSP generated. So yes it is some hard coded change to our copy of the SSRS report that is doing it.
But I’m still learning my role and not skilled in Visual Studio or using VS to edit SSRS report definitions at this time.
For now I have what I need, the DDSP, and I can look to see if the data I want is in the that file for report customization.
Thanks for the fast reply.

  • Jim