Move labels between environments

I need to export labels I have already created and re-import them in another environment (from DEV to UAT), but I do not know how to do that massively.

Could you please help me figure out how to do this?

You can read the following manual on how to export and reimport the labels:

Related is also a video series that covers the Print management Data Entity:

Let me know if you need more information.

Unfortunately, I do not see the data management option, and the docs from your link do not explain how to import, only how to export. Am I missing something?

You will find the export option on the User-defined labels form here:

However, it is not possible to import the generated file to another environment. You can to do this only via Data Management :

Here you will find a series of step-by-step videos. May I ask you to watch the first three videos, which should help you to create and export an XML file with the labels:

You will also find instructions on how to import the same file to another environment.

Thank you for your support, I will check the videos and links.

Let me just add few more details to my previous answer.

Docentric provides 2 possibilities for migrating the user-defined labels, both of them based on the standard D365FO features:

  1. Data entities and
  2. Excel export-import (which also uses data entities behind the scenes)

You will notice that in our manuals for the user-defined labels we have only indicated that these data entities exist, but users are expected to know how to work with FO data entities. Please note that while we are happy to assist you with Docentric-specific features, data entities are standard FO features, and therefore you will not find detailed step-by-step instructions in our manuals. For standard FO features it is usually the best choice to contact your functional consultant.

Let’s still try to help you with few more hints:

Data entities approach

Data entities related to user-defined labels are listed in this manual:

You can export-import one by one Groups, Languages, Labels and Translations by using the corresponding data entities in the same order as they appear in the list below, or you can do it all at once by using the combined data entity. Though the second approach is simpler, it may not be bulletproof for some complex scenarios, so if you encounter problems with it, please revert to the one-by-one approach.

If you are new to D365FO data entities, please read the standard Microsoft instructions. You will find even better step-by-step instructions on our pages, for another Docentric data entity (Print management) and the process should be very similar:

Excel export-import

Another standard FO functionality, which is one layer above the data entities, allows you to open your data in Excel, edit it there and save back into the system. In your case you would use this functionality to:

  1. Open in Excel on the source system
  2. On the target system also Open in Excel whatever you have there (empty data), so that the data is linked to the Excel
  3. While both Excels are open on both systems, copy-paste the Excel data from the source Excel into the target Excel
  4. Save the target Excel, which should send the data down to the corresponding FO tables.

As with the data entities, you can do this one by one form (related to the separate entities above) or on the combined view at once.

If you decide to use the combined view, instructions for Open in Excel are:

  1. Open the User-defined labels form
  2. Go to the combined view by clicking the View all menu item

  1. Click the Office icon > Open in Excel > Docentric User-defined Labels Combined

  1. You will get the result in Excel:

I hope this additional explanation helps.