Video Copy Print management settings between environments – Part 3 of 8

Second basic scenario supported by Docentric Print Management Data Entity is copying between environments, e.g. from your Test to your Production environment.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create the Export data project in the Data management workspace and add the Docentric Print Management Settings data entity. We will assume that we don’t want to copy the settings for all legal entities and document types but only for USMF and USPI and Customer invoice, so we will create and apply the suitable filter to the data entity.

Next, we will choose XML-Element as Target data format. We could also use Excel, CSV or any other format as well. The next step is to run our Export data project and download the resulting XML file containing all Print management settings for Customer invoice from the USMF and USPI legal entities. After analyzing the exported XML file, we will delete all settings for Customer invoice in D365FO for the USMF and USPI companies to simulate a different target environment, and then import the same XML file back to the same environment by creating a new Import data project and running it. Note that we cannot apply any filters in Import data projects.


  • How to create the Export and Import data project in the Data management workspace.
  • We can copy Print management settings between environments, e.g. from Test to Production.
  • We can copy the settings for the whole environment or just a subset (e.g. for selected Document types) by applying a filter to the data entity in our data projects.

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Docentric Print Management Data Entity is part of Docentric Free Edition, so you can use it completely for free.

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