Video Get started with Docentric Print Management Data Entity – Part 1 of 8

As you all know very well, Print management is the core part of the built-in Routing functionality for business documents in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. In Print management setup for each Document type, you can select different target print destinations (e.g. Email or Printer) and report formats to be used under certain conditions (e.g. the related customer belongs to a particular Customer group) when printing the corresponding documents.

Print management setup can be further set up per customer or vendor, so you can end up with hundreds and thousands different settings that are not so easy to change in bulk. You might ask, why is that? This is because Print management settings are stored in just a couple of the database tables with all print settings packed as containers (binary fields).

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Docentric Print Management Data Entity

Since Print management setup does not support anything else but changing the settings one-by-one manually, we didn’t have much of the choice when we started thinking about possible solutions to support updating these settings in bulk.

We didn’t create our own UI to enable updating Print management settings in bulk but we rather took the approach via Data entities. The main data entity for updating Print management settings in bulk we named Docentric Print Management Settings. Additionally, we provided the Docentric Print Management Footer Text data entity to enable export/import scenarios and updating in bulk of Footer text in Print management setup.

Docentric Print Management Data Entity is part of Docentric Free Edition, so you can use it completely for free.

In the following video, you will learn:

  • Preconditions to work with the Docentric Print Management Settings data entity.
  • Setting up the environment.
  • Introduction to the scenarios we will cover in this video-tutorial series.

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