Video Copy Print management settings between legal entities – Part 2 of 8

One of the basic scenarios covered with Docentric Print Management Data Entity is copying between legal entities.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create the Copy into legal entity data project in the Data management workspace and select Source (USMF) and Destination (USPI) legal entity. Afterwards, we will add the Docentric Print Management Settings data entity and apply a filter in order to copy Print management settings only for the Customer invoice document type. The next step will be to run the created data project and check the results, by comparing Print management setting for Customer invoice in D365FO for the source (USMF) and destination (USPI) legal entity in Print management setup opened for Accounts receivable.

We will see that all the Original and Copy settings for Customer invoice are transferred from the source (USMF) to the destination USPI legal entity, including the selected report formats and the target print destinations Printer and Email together with their settings such as the selected printer (@DEFAULT_PRINTER@), the email body, subject and recipients.

The next scenario that we will demonstrate is copying of Print management settings from USMF to USPI legal entity but with the settings for the Accounts receivable module overridden for two customers. The first customer DE-001 exists in the source but does not exist in the target legal entity, and the second customer US-004 exists in both legal entities. While settings for Account receivable will be successfully copied as before, Print management settings for DE-001 will not be copied and an error that such customer does not exist in the destination legal entity will be logged, and the settings for the US-004 customer will be successfully copied from USMF to USPI.


  • How to create the Copy into legal entity data project in the Data management workspace.
  • We can copy Print management settings between one source and multiple destination legal entities, including settings overridden for customers and vendors that exist in both source and destination legal entity.
  • We can copy the settings for the whole source legal entity or just a subset (e.g. for selected Document types) by applying a filter to the data entity in our data project.

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