Email reports using different sender email addresses

Hello, I have a request to solve an emailing challenge:

  • I have 4 different buyer in the Procurement Office,
  • Every buyer has to send the email (purchase order print) to vendor from their own email.

Right now I am only able to send an email to vendor from one email address:


Is it possible with Docentric to send emails to vendors from different emails?

If I understood you correctly, you have two ways to accomplish this: you can use either SMTP or Exchange batch email provider.

01 email parameters

1. If you are using SMTP then you have to specify @USEREMAIL@ placeholder in the From field and enter buyers’ email addresses in Docentric AX parameters > Emailing in Additional email sender accounts.

00 FROM field

2. If you are using Exchange leave From field empty so that the current user email address, specified in User options, will be used as a sender address. It seems to me that this should be an easier approach to your request.

In this article you will find a detailed explanation of the various Docentric report emailing capabilities:

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If I decide to use Exchange, is the setup for the SMTP settings tab still required? Or can I leave it empty?


If you decide to use Exchange as a provider, the SMTP settings are not required and you can leave them blank.

I followed the instructions and now I have the following issue:


We decided to use SMTP:


Could you please help me, what am I doing wrong here?

One reason that could be preventing you to send is the MFA. Do you perhaps use multi-factor authentication for your account? Please check this link:

If you do, then it will not be possible to send the emails from D365FO with this account. You/your administrator have to disable MFA first. If you cannot do this, you can still try to set this up via Exchange.

Setup for Exchange

Could you please:

  1. Delete all entries from the Additional email sender accounts table:



These entries are intended to be used with third-party emailing systems, such as SendGrid, and not in the combination with the internal company accounts. When you use @USEREMAIL@ placeholder in the From field on the Email print destination, the following happens:

  1. Docentric replaces the @USEREMAIL@ placeholder with the email address of the sender

  2. Docentric searches for this email address in the Additional email sender accounts table

  3. Because the matching entry is found, Docentric instantiates an SMTP client with the credentials from this table.

  4. Remove the @USEREMAIL@ placeholder from the From field in the Email print destination.

Explanation: When the From field is empty, and Exchange batch email provider is selected, the user email that is configured in User options will be used for sending the email.

Please let me know if this works?

Hi, now I get the following error message that refers to Exchange:


Could you please try to send a test email with Exchange? To do that:

  1. go to Email parameters > Test email,
  2. in the Email provider select Exchange,
  3. in Send to enter a recipient email (your test email)
  4. click Send test email.

Does this work?

I get the same error: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.


Based on your answer, I believe that the problem is definitely related to the use of different domains on your and the customer side. This is the standard AX behaviour and Docentric has not made any changes there.

If you are working on some client’s environment, then the sender email has to be defined from that domain (e.g.

If that is not the case, Exchange will not recognize the sender’s address and will return an Unauthorized error message. I think that may be the problem in your case because you are working on client side, but you are using your email address which uses a different domain.

You can perform two additional tests to confirm this.

Test sending from another email account
​Go to User Options > Account
For the Sender email enter an email address from the client’s domain (on first image below I entered the email from my colleague but on my D365FO user account)
Save and close the form.


Go to Email parameters > Test email where you should see that same email address in the Will send as field as you have previously entered at the User options. If not, please refresh the form.


As for the Send to, please use an email address that you are able to access. Click Send test email.

If the email is successfully sent, try to print to Email from Print management with the same settings.

Client-side testing
Ask a user on the client side to send a test email. If this succeeds, repeat the sending of the emails from Print ​management. Please try to do the tests I mentioned and let me know the results. Do not hesitate to write back if the problem persists.