Report emailing from current user email address with Print Management

Hello, we are trying to use Print Management with Docentric destinations’ Email settings and want the emails to be sent from individual D365 user’s email address. With SSRS destinations’ Email settings, emails are sent from D365 user’s email address automatically. With Docentric destinations’ Email settings, the emails are being sent from “[OurCompanyName]SystemMail” <scan365@[OurCompanyName].com>.

We would assume that the @CURRENT_USER_EMAIL@ placeholder in Docentric AX Parameters > Emailing tab would allow the email to be sent from the user sending the report if no other From settings are stipulated in Print Management or the report print form:

We have also tried putting @CURRENT_USER_EMAIL@ in the From field of the Print Management Email settings:

but then receive these errors:

  1. From field (@CURRENT_USER_EMAIL@) contains unresolved placeholders
  2. Placeholder (@CURRENT_USER_EMAIL@) is found in the input email list (@CURRENT_USER_EMAIL@)

So I wanted to confirm if we have not configured the correct overall Email Parameters, or if we need to set up each user as an Additional Email Sender Account as discussed in this post: Email reports using different sender email addresses

Hi David,

it looks like Docentric does not recognize the @CURRENT_USER_EMAIL@ placeholder as a valid Docentric placeholder. If you want to use the current user email, you can find it in the list of available Standard placeholders and it is @USEREMAIL@.

Please try this and let me know how it goes.

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Hello @AmirO , sorry for my delayed response, and thank you for your reply! I am still waiting to test @USEREMAIL@ as the default Email sender display name in Emailing parameters. I did test it in the From field within the individual Form Setup > Print Management settings and it was successful. I will post again after final testing.

Hello again @AmirO . I tested USEREMAIL in the Docentric AX Parameters > Emailing
settings, but it did not work; the email was again sent from “[OurCompanyName]SystemMail” <scan365@[OurCompanyName].com>.

So USEREMAIL only works when we use it in the From field of individual Form Setup > Print Management settings for each report.

I did notice in the Default email sender account section that USEREMAIL is not listed under Placeholders, only CURRENT_USER_EMAIL is listed, so we manually filled in USEREMAIL rather than selecting it from the Placeholders link; does that mean is not available as a valid placeholder for the Default sender?

Hi David,

There is a little bit of inconsistency in the way how CURRENT_USER_EMAIL and USEREMAIL placeholders are used. Essentially, both do the same thing, but CURRENT_USER_EMAIL is available on Docentric AX Parameters > Emailing settings, while USEREMAIL is available among the placeholders on print destination form (by clicking the Placeholders button).

Hi @ALOT ,

The issue we experience when using CURRENT_USER_EMAIL in Docentric AX Parameters > Emailing settings is that the emails get sent from [OurCompanyName]SystemMail <scan365@[OurCompanyName].com>, rather than from the user’s name and email address. Is there any way to alleviate that?

We can use USEREMAIL in Form Setup > Print Management settings for each report as a workaround, but it would be most convenient to set it in one place for all Docentric report emailings.

Hi David,

It should work as you expect it.
Send me a private message or reach us on support the we see what is causing your issue.

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Thanks @MihaV for directing us to proposed D365 email settings as solutions