Using docentric and SSRS in parallel


We are migrating to 365 curently from our old ERP with several companies. One Company already uses 365. This Company is a 365 to 365 migration.
They have already their documents in their environment, but developed as standard SSRS reports. My idea is to disable Docentric for that company and copying their reports from old to new.
Does this work?

Hello @StefanVollbrecht,

In short, what you want is possible :+1:

The first step is to make sure what the technical name of the customized SSRS report is.

Then you need to register this report so that you can combine the existing SSRS design with the Docentric print destinations. You can read more details about this in our documentation:

Most importantly, you need to enable the highlighted flag Use only print destinations to Yes in order to skip the use of Docentric templates for the specific report:

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Hi Jerenj,

good to hear that :+1:
Regarding your screenshot, currently we use PurchPurchaseOrder in each company and have created one template by company. The flag looks like a global setting. When I create a custom report and set there the setting, how can I set the new report as default? Just global print destination settings in that one company?

Hi Stefan,

Based on your case description, I suggest utilizing the standard Print Management framework. Simply create a new condition for the specific company where you want to deactivate the Docentric design.

Then instead of using the Docentric design in the print destination, just opt for SSRS design.

I hope this will solve you case.