The table part in the Sales Invoice report does not show up for some users

We have noticed that sometimes, on the sales order invoice, the table part does not show up for some users. Running a usage data clean seems to fix this problem. Could you please help us to figure out why this is happening? There is a screenshot attached with a red line showing where the missing part should be.

Hello @NatalyaK,

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I hardly think the usage data deletion is related to the issue you described, and we will do our best to help you find the reason :slight_smile:

First, we need to make sure that you are using a Docentric template for this report. Please enable the following setting to make sure which report runs: Link.

As you will see, after printing the report, the name of the report will be displayed, but also the information if is an SSRS-based document or a template-based document. Please send me a screenshot of the message bar you get.

Next, please enable the same setting for the users experiencing the issue and ensure you are printing the same document.

Let us know the test results, and we will suggest the next steps.

Hello @JernejV

Thank you for your quick reply.
This is the screenshot of the correct report
This is one with the issue

Hi @NatalyaK ,

Thank you for providing requested information. Can you share your template and the DDSP file so we can look at the structure (it would be great if you have DDSP file when the table doesn’t appear). If it contains sensitive data, please open a support ticket by sending it via email on

Hi Natalya,

I reviewed your template and the DDSP files you sent over the email and found that the table that is hidden is wrapped in an If tagging element and one of the conditions specified in the If tagging element is not met.

Consequently, the table stays hidden.

I recommend reviewing the If tagging element and the specified condition and adjusting it as needed.

Hi Natalya,

After a careful review, we found the original solution we proposed did not resolve the root cause of the problem. But I believe we got to the bottom of this issue now.

When I compared the two data sources you provided, the Company ID was in one data source written in upper-case while in the second it was lower-case.

The condition specified in the If tagging only captured one of the two and since our expression designer is case sensitive, in one case the condition evaluated as true, while in the other, as false.

To resolve the problem, I recommend adjusting the company ID variable to capture both lower and uppercase values , as I did in the screenshot below. This should resolve the problem.


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