Multiple printouts on the screen

Hello, everyone
I’m still fairly new to the Docentrics space and need your help.
We installed a new version of Docentric at the customer and since then the reports have been issued twice. The first print is made on the screen, after it has been closed, a second one is made on the screen with the same content.

so why do i think its because of docentric? When I take either of the two parameters above, the problem occurs.

Does anyone have an idea what settings I should check?
Or am I possibly even completely wrong?

BR Jonas

Hi Jonas,

Welcome to the community!

The Print Destination Settings Form enables you to see and therefore use either Docentric, or SSRS, or both print destinations. It does not affect your output in a way you’ve described.

When you have Use both SSRS and Docentric print destinations, the Print destinations settings form enables you to navigate and use both:

When you have Use only Docentric print destinations, you can see and use only the Docentric print destinations so you can see that the Show SSRS destinations is missing:

Finally, when you set to Use only SSRS print destinations, you can use only SSRS destinations and you don’t see Show Docentric destinations:

The issue might be originating from the Print destination settings you have in place for that report. It is possible that you have a Copy setup apart from the Original either on Module, Account or Document:

If you still can’t find the cause, perhaps you can enable Tracing to see what is happening. Read about it here: Tracing - Docentric AX

Hope it helps.