Customer specific template


Our invoice need some special settings in case we export to China and I’m trying to set up this. I have created a new template

and made these print destination settings


printing an invoice use this template which is after printing the default for that company RITA (screen1)

What did I wrong?

Hi @StefanVollbrecht,

It looks like everything’s set up correctly from my end. But if you’re having trouble, it might be due to the print management conditions not working as expected. Try testing with a basic condition, like language, to see if that’s the issue. Once you’ve confirmed, you can move forward accordingly.

Hi Amir,

language inside template settings will not work. We use EN-US and we ship worldwide.

Hi @StefanVollbrecht ,

I’ve quickly replicated your case and can confirm that it should work IF your condition is met. Here is the setup:

I then created a conditional print management node to print my SalesInvoice.Report_static template when Account is DE-001:

I then select the invoice with the account DE-001 and print using print management (if you use Original preview you will get the default template printed as that is the print destination configuration configured on the Original node)

So to summarise, it can be that either your condition was not met or that you did not print using Print management.

Hi Semir,

by using the printmanagement via Invoice journal, system use the right template. But when I post or proforma an invoice, it uses the wrong template.

Hi Stefan,

From your description I conclude that conditional print management is not triggered as you expect. There are two ways how to approach this situation.

  1. Turn on Docentric tracing and see which print management branch is actually used for printing. Enable the PRINTMGMT and TraceToInfolog parameters for tracing.
  2. Have just the Original setting in print management on the module level and then add Print management override setting on the customer (account) level. That way the customer setting will be used for printing for this customer. I think this is the easiest way to use in your scenario.

I hope this helps.

Hi Albin,

completely don’t understand that tracing. You wrote there is a print management overwrite at customer master data? Where should that be?

Hello Stefan,

If you’re unsure about print management overwrites in your environment, I highly recommend using our Print Management Utilities. With this tool, you can conveniently preview all print management settings in one place.

For more details about the Print Management Utilities, you can refer to the how-to manual: Print Management Utilities - Docentric AX

I don’t have that button. BTW my admin confirmed I have sys admin role in our dev environment I’m workin on

Hi Stefan,

It seems you’re using an older version of Docentric. The feature I mentioned has been available since version 3.4.7.

Please update Docentric to the latest version.