Compile errors on Docentric model in D365 F&O

HI, I have created new D365 F&O dev environment with service update 10.0.21 and I get compile errors that some classes do not exists. However, the classes are already present.

As I understand you have installed Docentric models on clean 10.0.21 environment and you get compile errors while building the models. Please send a screenshot of errors and check that missing classes are in the right folder.
Check also the installation guide if you have done everything correctly.

Note that Docentric 3.4.1 and older versions should compile on 10.0.21, but in runtime you will get an error when saving to email history. Newer Docentric versions are fully compatible.

Thanks, I got the reply from support team. The docentric version installed is too old and now I get the instructions to delete it, check-in to DevOps and install it again check it in again on DevOps. I got email for each step. I will be working on it and will update here. how it goes.