Advance Conditional Setting for Payment Advice Print Management


I am trying to set up print management for Vendor Payment Advice within D365. I want to set up a condition on the Method of Payment, that is if the Method of Payment is EFT then send to Vendor email (which is my Original setting), but if the Method of payment is anything else then just send to print archive. I cannot for the life of me figure out what table this Method of Payment is coming from.

I’ll try to outline what I am doing in screenshots below. Any help with what table I should be joining and the conditions I should set up would be super useful.

All of the table joins I am using to get to Method of Payment:
Table Joins

The Method of Payment I have selected:

The condition I have set up:

The Conditional Print Management:

The Error I get when trying to use print management as it’s still using the Original even though the Method of Payment is CHECK_CAD

Hi @Katelyn_Langlois

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Did you try with other two Methods of Payment relations that have different relation source?


Sorry for the delay in reply.

Yes, I have tried all of the options within this join to no success.

Hi Katelyn,

Do you maybe have any overrides on this specific Vendor? You can use our Tracing to find out the print management settings that are being executed: Tracing - Docentric AX.

When you’re defining the tracing parameters, turn on the following:

  • TraceToDatabase
  • TraceToInfolog

Once you’ve setup the tracing, execute the report again and check the banner that will display after the report is generated.

I turned on Tracing, it is pulling from the Original Print Managment settings, I’ve tried with several different vendors, and they all result in the same outcome. Other than that their isn’t too much helpful data in the trace notification (see image below).

Hi Katelyn,
Conditional Print management settings are standard D365FO feature, so they are out of scope of Docentric support. If you are not sure how to set the conditions, you can ask your functional consultant for help, explaining you how the data are related and how to set the criteria query.
We have an article on our blog which explains how to set criteria on Financial dimensions. Maybe it will give you some ideas how you could construct a query in your case.