Zebra Printer Printing Faded Labels

You are printing stunning labels from your Dynamics 365 environment using Docentric and looking forward to receiving the beautiful labels from your Zebra printer.
But oh no! Disaster takes its course! The labels are printed, but the text is barely recognisable. How could this happen? Everything looked perfect on the computer screen.

We’ve seen many cases like this before- it’s like being immersed in a complex puzzle where numerous pieces have to fit together. But don’t worry! I have a few tricks up my sleeve that could help us solve this case.

Printer Drivers:

Let’s kick things off with the hero of printing: the printer driver. Think of it as the translator between your computer and your printer. It’s crucial to ensure they speak the same language smoothly. Make sure you’re using drivers recommended by the printer manufacturer and keep them updated.

Printing Directly from Word or PDF:

Before we delve deeper into the matter, we should check whether printing directly from a Word or PDF file produces satisfactory results. If not, it is worth checking the settings of your infrastructure again.

DRA (Document Routing Agent):

Next in our lineup of label printing heroes is DRA, responsible for communication between printer drivers and Dynamics 365. Keep this little guy up to date to ensure smooth document flow.

Paper Size:

If all else fails, let’s bring in reinforcements. Grab a ruler and physically check the paper size on your label, ensuring it matches your document template. Also, verify the paper size settings on the printer itself.

Scaling" or “adjusting the scale”

When you print, the scale (%) setting adjusts how big or small the document appears on the page. Increasing the scale makes things larger, while decreasing it makes them smaller. Try different scales to find what works best for you.


Don’t underestimate the impact of font choice. Experiment with different fonts to improve visibility - sometimes, this small change can work wonders!

So, those are the steps that should solve most cases, but I’m eager to hear from you too. Did any of these tricks work in your case? Have you discovered other helpful solutions? Share your experiences with us - together we can make troubleshooting a easy for everyone!