Route Card print management settings: Reverts back to SSRS destinations. No print management screen

Hello everyone,

How can I have Print Management settings for All production orders Route cards stay set?
If I use this menu path:
From the All production orders screen
Select released WO.
Action Menu: Production order, Process, Release, General Tab. Print route card: Yes | (Setup) - press this button
Select Show Docentric Settings select as usual.
Prints to the docentric setup as chosen.
But if you go right back into it. The print setup screen will default to the original SSRS destinations.

I’ll try to attach a screen capture video of this.

What controls if there is a full on Print Management screen for a report output like this? It has it’s own Docentric AX Reports setup in our environment.

  • Jim

I have an .mp4 file of this if the Docentric team can let me send it in.


When you are setting up print destination for ad-hoc printing, the destination parameters are not saved for the user. This is standard Microsoft behaviour and these are not Print management settings but Print destination settings. What you can do to mitigate the impact is to hide SSRS print destinations from all Print destination forms. You can configure this option in Docentric AX Workspace > Docentric AX Parameters > Security > General Settings > Print destination settings form > Print destination settings mode and select Use only Docentric print destinations. Note that this applies to all Print destination settings forms:

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Excellent reminder of Docentric function Semir.

We’ll review internally and may implement this.


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Hello Semir,
Does hiding SSRS destinations affect reports than are not active in Docentric AX Reports?

  • Jim


With this setup, you would only be able to use the Docentric print destination; you wouldn’t have the option to switch to SSRS.

Hello Amir,
Sorry I was not clear.
Let’s say some reports are still running SSRS and there is no Docentric design, if we turn on that hide SSRS destinations option, would that affect reports that have no Docentric design enabled and active?

  • Jim


The Docentric print destination can be use for both standard SSRS and Docentric designs.

Right! I keep forgetting that… d’oh!

Thanks again Amir, have a great night.