Report execution context is not set and the field value (PurchId) cannot be calculated

I am attempting to use the Free version of DocuCentric(for now).

The task I am working on in include a standard placeholder in the E-Mail subject line of a Purchase Order Confirmation. Here is the e-mail set-up I am using:

Here is the Report setup:

Here is the detailed error:
Placeholder FIELD_PurchId is not a valid standard placeholder or it cannot be used in the current context

Error during execution of the overrideReportRunSettings() method of the DSP class: DocDataSourceProviderSrsReporting

If anyone has any guidance on how to resolve this I would appreciate it.

Corey Vantilborg
Tigercat Industries

Hi Corey,
Unfortunately it is not possible to use that placeholder on confirmation process. You can use it later for printing existing confirmation, you can find more details here in section known issues: How to Use Standard Placeholders - Docentric AX .
So, solution to your issue could be to replace generic DSP class with DocPurchPurchaseOrderReportDSP and use placeholder @PurchId@.

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