Removing unused <label> stanzas from DDSP

I’m adding and removing field values from a stock SSRS report. There is a lot of data that is not needed or missing. Per this article, I’ve overridden the addDataFieldsForRdpTableRecord() method, not calling super(), and am using the the _addingRecord.addFields() permutation of the _addingRecord.addAllFieldsExcept() to only add data for the table fields I need.

In looking at the DDSP file that is generated, along with the GeneralData I see schema/values the fields that I specified which is good but I also see dsp:labels XML schema for the fields for all the fields specified in the source SSRS report that I thought I was excluding via the code above. This adds a lot of extra heft to the DDSP which I assume impacts rendering performance since it all needs to be parsed.

Can the unneeded XML schema be removed programmatically so the DDSP can be lean and mean?

Hi James, thank you for your question, and welcome to Docentric forum!

May I ask how large your newly generated DDSP is with the data fields you added? If the size is within reason, it should have no measurable impact on performance.

For example, we have seen DDSP files of 5 MB or more due to the size of graphic elements or embedded fonts. A data source of this size could negatively affect performance.

Anyway, one of my DEV teammates will take a look and correct me if I am wrong.

Please let me know.

The file is not large per se. I was just more curious about whether I was implementing incorrectly or missing something.

Hi James,

Thank you for your feedback. The size is apparently within normal limits.

As you probably do not generate the DDSP very often, you should not worry about the size of the DDSP you need for design time. Please note that the data source size is even further reduced in run time because it does not contain the records and data fields without any values, and the same goes for labels.

Anyway, if you would like us to analyze your DSP class to see why this happens, please send us the custom DSP class you use for this report.