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Hi All,

I have an issue some Docentric reports. When I am trying to print them, I get this error: " Printing report (XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX) with ID (XXXXXrReport) to Screen failed." and some reports when I am trying to setup it from print management, I don’t get Docentric reports in the list of reports to choose from. Any hint to solve the issue?

Hi Waed,

Since these error messages are quite common, I kindly request some additional information from you. Could you please provide more details about the error message you encountered? Additionally, if you’re unable to select Docentric reports, it would be helpful if you could provide screenshots of your print management settings.

To streamline the process, I recommend reaching out to us via our support email. This way, we can assist you more effectively.

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Thank you.
Additionally, could you please provide me with a screenshot of the report settings from the Docentric report table?

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Disable the “Use only print descriptions” flag.
Once you have disabled this flag, you should be able to choose the Docentric design template without any issues.


I got this error now

There should be a message bar at the top of the page. Could you please click on “Message Details” and send me the message?

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This is the message

Could you please provide me with the specific version of Docentric that you are currently using?

Good morning, I also have the same problem. May I know if a solution has been found? I have already followed the indications of the previous posts but without success

Hi Matteo,
Please contact us directly on Docentric Support ( Include the information about versions of D365FO and Docentric AX you are using and if it is Free or Full Edition.