Preview a mail with Outlook before sending

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Hi Semir

I need the similar functionality. But not sure from where to start. I need to open the Email in Outlook before sending report to Email. Can you please guide me

Hi @Siva ,

Fist of all, welcome to the community!

There are essentially two ways of having a preview when using Docentric email print destination:

The first one is Preview before print, which when enabled, prints the report to Screen and provides you with options to Continue printing to Email, Cancel printing, Download email (as an eml file), or Print to printer:

The second one is Open email before sending, which when enabled, generates an email message and downloads it as an eml file that you can open with Outlook.

All these options are configured in Print management settings which is a standard D365FO framework.

Iam not able to see the checkbox “Open outlook before sending” after installing the Doccentric model. Is there any setup to enable docentric?

Hi @Siva,

If you’ve installed Docentic models but still see the standard SSRS print destinations, click on the link below called “Show Docentric destinations”. This will allow you to switch to the Docentric print destinations, where you can find the checkbox to “Open Outlook before sending” under email print destination.


I don't see the option "Show Docentric destinations". 

Here are the installed models. Am I missed something

Hi @Siva,

Those are the correct models that you need to install.
Can you see the Docentric workspace in your D365FO environment?

Please also provide a screenshot from your environment so I can see which Docentric modules are installed. You can do this by clicking on the “Help and Support” button in the top right corner, then selecting “About.” Under the version section, you’ll find the installed Docentric version. Please send me the screenshot.

Thank you.

Thanks Amir for your immediate response. On full build I can see the Show Docentric destination.

It seems this has separate full print management settings. I am purely focusing on Opening Email before sending.

Any idea about the objects and setup needed for this.

Hi @Siva,

We don’t intervene in print management; it’s a standard framework of D365FO. Our focus is on improving standard print destinations. One improvement we did is adding the option to preview emails before sending them.

I recommend starting to use the Docentric print destination since it’s available for free and offers everything the standard option does, along with many other useful features that can benefit any business.


I can understand the purpose of the development. Actually What Iam looking on this enhancement is "open outlook before sending functionality ". When I install the Docentric, I am seeing almost 50- 60 classes is modified/ created. Just to open the Email in outlook, what are the basic classes and form that needs to modify or create. Iknow it is tough to give ,but I need those, if you can help me out. I can use standard print management and the option for opening outlook.

Could you please help me out.

Hi Siva,

As I understand from your response it seems you would like to add one of our functionalities to the standard email print destination through development.

With this in mind, this topic falls in the scope of technical support which we only offer to our paid users and partners.

As my colleagues had mentioned, we do have the solution readily available for you in the Free Edition which you have downloaded and installed. If you would like to have this functionality on the standard print destinations, they I recommend consulting with your implementation partner or your internal development team to implement it for you.

Here is the version of Docentric


Hi @Siva

It is great that you are using the latest version of Docentric.

As my colleagues previously communicated, you can either use the functionality through Docentric print destination or if you are a free user, reach out to your implementation partner or your internal development team to develop the custom solution you need using our code as a guide.