PO line item ExtensionFields/@ExternalItemId not working


I am working on a po and running into issues with one of the columns. For some reason, it is not filling in the correct data but seems to be copying the info from the above line. Not sure how to fix this as I have tried several things already. It is the ExtensionFields/@ExternalItemId, header Part Number

Just wondering what I am doing wrong

Hi Rudi,

Binding list tagging elements is often done incorrectly, which can cause the same value to show up repeatedly. Making sure we bind list items correctly with the current data source is essential. This ensures that child elements are aligned correctly with their parent elements for accurate data representation.

Could you check if the “ExtensionFields/@ExternalItemId” field is bound correctly?

Hi Amir

I believe it is. It is showing under the PurcOrderLines header

Hi Rudi,

From the attached picture I cant see how the field is bound.
Could you send me the template to our support email?

Sure can, thanks Amir
Please see attached

PurchPurchaseOrderLaunchV1.docx (82.5 KB)

Hello Rudi,

I’ve checked the file you sent, and the data matches the output in the template.

Be aware that the “Name” data field contains correct values:

Please note that Docentric takes over the data from the standard SSRS pipeline.

You can verify whether the field data is correctly displayed in the SSRS output. If you want to do this, please disable the following flag in the report setup:

After you save the setup and print the statement, you will get the SSRS output document.

Thank you Amir

If I am understanding this correctly, it appears to be in the SSRS report as well. Is there an easy way to fix this?

Hi Rudi,

In the process of reading the SSRS datasource from the RDP tables and transforming it into the XML format needed for our designer, we also consider all RDP tables’ extensions that might have been made by you or your implementation partner and if such extensions exist, we add the fields found there into the ExtensionFields sub-record. As we can see that the @ExternalItemId field is found in the ExtensionFields sub-record, we can safely conclude that these are not the standard fields implemented by Microsoft, but are result of customization done by your implementation partner or your internal development team.

Therefore, the answer to your question, if there is an easy way to fix this, is: please contact the person who made this customization and warn them about the incorrect implementation. If that person is not reachable, then another possibility is for you or your customization partner to implement the correct logic, by extending the datasource in a standard (SSRS) way or in a Docentric way.

One more thing to notice though: ExternalItemId field already exists in the standard report datasource. For it to be populated, a correct setup in the Procurement module is needed – that would be a question for your functional consultant.