Issue on printing a list in more than one page


I’m experiencing an issue on a custom report developed using Docentric.

In my report I need to print a list, which sometimes can have a length of more than one page. Currently, when I run the report, it cuts my list on a single page (see attachment Test for docentric).

From the .ddsp file the data seems to be correctly extracted.

I attached an example of report, my layout word document and an example of .ddsp file that doesn’t work.

In addition to that, the table property to allow row to break across the pages seems correctly setup.

Could you please help me to deal with it?

Thank you very much,

PSDPackagingListDataReport.Report.ddsp (109.2 KB)
Test for Docentric.pdf (101.9 KB)
PackagingList.Report20221213.docx (135.0 KB)

Hi Flavia,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the table formatting. I’m happy to help out.

To resolve the problem with the rows being cut on the first page, you’ll want to set the Text wrapping to “None” instead of “Around” under Table properties > Table. “Around” indicates your table is currently set as a Floating object, instead of the Inline object (Text Wrapping = "None):

  1. Select the whole table in question
  2. Right-click on the table
  3. Select Table Properties
  4. Go to the Table tab
  5. Select “None” under Text Wrapping

Formatting objects as Inline or Floating is a standard MS Word functionality. When the table is formatted as a Floating object, the layout gives unpredictable results. This is why we strongly recommend using Inline objects when dealing with List, Group, and IF tagging elements. You can read more about the topic here: Inline and Floating objects in MS Word - Docentric AX.

Hope this helps,