Is it possible to translate the text that Word adds to page numbers?

Hello Docentric,

I was wondering if there is a solution to use labels for page numbering in Word?


We would like to use a label instead of hard coded text for “Page” and “of”. Thanks!

Hi Michael,

You can achieve this either with a user-defined label or with a system label.

User-defined labels
Below is a screenshot from D365FO with a new Docentric user-defined label that includes translations for word Page to different languages:

We can then use this new label in the template:

Apart from the label tagging element we also have to insert both the current page number and the total number of pages as separate Fields. This is MS Word built-in functionality: go to Insert > Quick parts > Field :

We would also have to create a new user-defined label to translate the word Of and use it between the two page numbers.

Here is a test template where I used the user-defined Page label:
SalesInvoice.Report_user-defined Page label.docx (119.2 KB)

Please note that you will have to create and add the two user-defined labels to all reports for which you want to use the translations. The following how-to manual might therefore be helpful:

System labels
It is also possible to use any D365FO system label to translate the word Page, but you have to decide which variant of this label meets your needs:

Of course, the same goes for the word Of.

Would you please let me know if you find my solution helpful?