I'm having problems moving a child field element

Hi, I am trying to move the @name field tagging element to the next table row - one line below the existing position:


But I am not successful. Can you take a look and let me know what I did wrong?

Here is the template:
SalesInvoice.Report_insert a new table row inside an existing list tagging element.docx (113.5 KB)

Hi Julie,

The problem you had was related to the fact that you tried to insert a new table row into an existing list tagging element that previously only wrapped a single table row.

If you later try to insert new table rows into such list elements, unfortunately, this will not yield the expected results due to technical reasons.

Therefore, we always suggest placing repeater tagging elements (groups, lists) over at least two table rows (below, 1). In your case, it was necessary to remove the list element and place it over both table rows, then rebind the field tagging elements (below, 2) inside the parent list element:


There is also another blank table row (3) inside the list that allows additional formatting if needed.

How to keep both table rows on the same page?
It is a common requirement that in such a template structure, the two table rows should always remain on the same page, for example, to prevent the data from being split between two consecutive pages:


To prevent this, we can apply the Keep with next paragraph formatting setting to the first two table rows:


But the third table row the list element wraps (above, highlighted in yellow) should not have the same paragraph formatting. If it did, and there were more invoice lines than could fit on the first page, all the invoice lines would be printed on the second and subsequent pages:


We would get precisely the same result if only the required two table rows used the Keep with the next setting and we deleted the third table row. We need the additional third (blank!) table row that doesn’t use this setting to make this design work as expected.

However, to save space in output documents, the third table row uses an exact table row height and/or the font size is set to 1 pt for the entire row.


You can download the edited template from here:
SalesInvoice.Report_insert a new table row inside an existing list tagging element_edit.docx (113.8 KB)