How to hide item numbers or descriptions with certain value in the sales quotation line

In a sales quotation, if we want to hide item numbers with a certain rule, say hide all item numbers with ON ending, is there a way to do it? We still want to keep the line and the rest information, just want to hide the item number and the description for that line, of replace them with another generic value. Tried myself using if function, but could not figure out how to do it.

Hi Victoria,

I am attaching a sample report where I implemented conditional logic that you need.

Please see how I implemented the condition which extracts just the last two characters of the ItemId field. This is implemented in the additional Field tagging element under the one which displays ItemId.

The expression used is this one:

I added conditional logic to the Field tagging element where you display the item name:
iif(substring(@ItemId,string-length(@ItemId)-1) = ‘01’,
‘Item id ending on 01’,

This is implemented using the iif() function. First argument is thee condition, which checks if the ItemId ends on ‘01’. If it does, the ‘Item id ending on 01’ is displayed. If it doesn’t that the current value of @ItemName is displayed.

This explanation and sample template file should be enough for you to understand how to implement the logic you need in your template.

WMSPickingList_OrderPick.Report.docx (77.9 KB)

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thanks a lot for your help, it works!!!