Extension Fields disappeared

I have some extension fields for our Purchase Order in 2 different spots in X++. When it was just in one spot, I could see those extension fields in Docentric in Word. Then I added another extension field in another spot, did a build, sync, got a new DDSP file and added it to my report in Word, and now I only see my new extension field, but not my original ones. I’m new to Docentric so I’m not sure what I did wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Andrew,
Which DSP class are you using? Could you go to Docentric report setup and check?

Did you do some changes maybe in DSP class that you are using? For testing purposes you can click on button Select default DSP and test if you have all data with this generic class.

So the class that I believe I want is

but I clicked Edit and then Select default DSP and it changed to

I’m new to Docentric so I’m still trying to figure out how this all works. I’m also not sure how I test if I have all the data when clicking on Select default DSP

After you changed the class, you can run report again and get another DDSP file, after that you could load it to Word and check if you see all extension fields.
As you already have ddsp file I guess that you have setup to get DDSP on report execution. If not, just let us know, we will help with that.

Hi Marija,
So I think I got it working. The issue was not fields that disappeared, like I originally thought. The field I was missing wasn’t in my code because it was created/added by a coworker in their code. I merged their code with mine, did another build/sync, then created a new DDSP file and now my report looks good. Thanks for your help. Like I mentioned before, I’m new to Docentric but so far I am LOVING it. I’ve been in charge of report in AX 2012 and now D365 for a few years now, and making changes before was tedious. Docentric makes it so much easier. :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew,
Great I am happy to hear that you resolved the issue. Also, we are glad that you like working with Docentric and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.