Escape especial character like double quote(")


Please can someone assist me with this?

I am trying to reproduce double quote(") on my placeholder which is part of the JavaScript but instead I am get the ("); is there away to get double quote(")instead;

I need to produce something like this [“Prod1”,“Prod2”,…].

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your question. It would be helpful if we knew more about your scenario, but let me try to answer your question to the best of my knowledge.

When you say you are trying to reproduce the double quotes on the placeholder, I assume you mean the placeholder value? If so, you could easily accomplish this with the user-defined placeholders in Docentric Full Edition.

To illustrate the approach, I created the following Docentric template:
SalesInvoice.Report_char function.docx (115.2 KB)

As you can see, in the second column there is the @Name field tagging element that references the item name. Below, there is another field tagging element that references the same @Name data field, but wraps its value into double quotes. Below is the Xpath expression that I am using to achieve this:

concat(char(“34”), @Name, char(“34”))

The expression is using the concat function that concatenates double quotes and the value of the @Name data field. To add the double quotes to the value of the item name, we have to use the char function that accepts the ASCII character codes:

The example and the expression above work the same also if you use the user-defined placeholders in D365FO:

I am not sure what you mean when you mention JavaScript, but please let me know if this helped.