Emailing issue - Docentric

Hi, we are testing the Docentric with the D365 10.0.35 release and having issues with emailing customer invoices.

We have reviewed our config in print management and tried testing with synchronous and email processing. Email processing does not show any record of the invoice email in the email history. Manually sending from the customer record gives us an error - ‘Electronic document properties is not specified in Customer parameters’

We have reviewed the troubleshooting list. Are there any known email issues or hotfixes for this release that we should be aware of?

D365 Installed product version : 10.0.35 (10.0.1627.90)
D365 Installed platform version : Update59 (7.0.6972.121)

  • Docentric AX (isv)
  • Docentric AX Emails (isv)
  • Docentric AX Extension (isv)
  • Docentric AX License Plate Labels (isv)
  • Docentric AX SSRS Replicas (isv)


Hi Ciaran,

We’ve not had any reports of emailing issues that would be related to the current release.

According to the error message, the electronic document properties need to be set in the customer parameters, which relates to standard SSRS.

Microsoft’s documentation mentioned electronic document properties in this link: Customer electronic invoices - Finance | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn.

Could you check their official documentation, adjust the setup, and let us know if that solves the issue?