Email attachment - SDS Product

When emailing customers their sales order confirmation we need to attach the ‘Safety data sheet’ for each product on the sales order lines as an attachment on the email.
Using print management email attachment rules we can successfully attach any attachment associated with released product line items but is there a way to include the product safety data sheet which is attached under the ‘released product > Manage Inventory > Compliance > Safety data sheet’?



Docentric does not have the option to include the SDS attachments when sending the sales invoice via email. However, we can help you by providing sample code for implementing the “Custom records” attachment rule for the Docentric Email print destination.
To learn more about additional report attachments, please see the link below:
Report Attachments - Docentric AX

To receive the attachments from SDS as additional email attachments when you email the sales invoice, you will need to configure additional attachment rules under the Docentric Email print destination:

You only need one attachment rule configured similar to the following image:

As indicated in the instructions (see the yellow highlighted text in the image above), this attachment rule needs to be implemented in the code of the DSP class.

To help you with this code implementation, I am sending you a code example that shows how it can be done:

protected Common resolveReportAttachmentRecord(DocReportRunContext _reportRunContext, DocReportAttachmentRule _currentAttachmentRule)
    // If a _currentAttachmentRule is CustomRecords we need to select and return a PdsMRCDocument table buffer
    if (_currentAttachmentRule.parmLoadFrom() == DocReportAttachmentLoadFrom::CustomRecords)
        PdsMRCDocument pdsMRCDoc;
        SalesLine salesLineLocal;

        select pdsMRCDoc
            where pdsMRCDoc.Active == NoYes::Yes && pdsMRCDoc.EffectiveDate <= today() && pdsMRCDoc.ExpiryDate >= today()
            exists join salesLineLocal where salesLineLocal.ItemId == pdsMRCDoc.ItemId && salesLineLocal.SalesId == salesTable.SalesId;
        return pdsMRCDoc;
        return super(_reportRunContext, _currentAttachmentRule);

The resolveReportAttachmentRecord () method needs to be implemented in the DSP class.
I suggest that you create a new DSP class that inherits from the DocSalesConfirmReportDSP class, or you can implement this method in your own DSP class if you have one.

I hope this sample code is helpful in your case.

Thanks Semir, this is really helpful. I will follow up with the dev team.


Hi Semir, we set this up and it meets the needs for the business to attach the SDS data sheets to the sales confirmation email. I wanted to check with you if there are any ways in the Docentric module to bulk load these to released products? I couldn’t find anything in data entities or DMF.

Thanks, Ciaran

Hi Ciaran,

Docentric doesn’t provide the option for bulk loading of SDS data sheets. Try contacting your implementation partner for assistance.

Thanks Albin, I’ll follow up with them.