D365 How to handle SSRS reports that are only visible for legal entities with specific country/region

Hi, we have a number of SSRS reports that are only available if the legal entity country is North America. We need to replicate these reports to use in other legal entities which are based in countries/regions not covered by these reports. What is the best approach to make these reports available in other legal entities? Make copies/replicas of these reports and redeploy?


Hey @CCC ,

I understand that you need to make some SSRS reports available in other legal entities.

If you don’t mind, would you be able to share a screenshot of the Docentric report setup for one of those reports? This will help me understand how you have set up the reports and potentially provide more specific and helpful suggestions.


Hi Blaž, we haven’t setup a new versions of these reports yet but looking at your site I think we need to treat these as custom Docentric reports, add menu items and reference the existing DSP for the NA version of the report?


When there are no existing SSRS reports which provide the data you need, you can consider creating custom Docentric reports from scratch, as explained in the article you are referring to. You create a minimal SSRS pipeline and a dummy SSRS report design, as the article explains. You also need new menu items and security privileges, duties, roles.

You can put all the data reading and shaping logic in the DSP class and design a Docentric template on top of it. As you need several templates which - as I understand - can use the same input data, you may share a DSP class among several new reports.

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Thanks Albin, very helpful.