Control page number / total pages

I need to control the visibility of certain elements depending on the page number. Is this possible?

Hi rbenito,

Could you provide more information so I can point you in the right direction? More specifically the details on which elements you are planning to hide and under what conditions.

Generally speaking, you could show or hide something on the first or last page. Any other scenarios would be doable only by using some other criteria instead of the page number as page numbers are formed after the Docentric report engine already fills in the data.

We need show/hide OMR marks that depends of page numbers

Hi rbenito,

Due to the flowing nature of the internal MS Word file structure, it is not possible to use conditional logic based of page numbers in Docentric templates. MS Word doesn’t contain information about page breaks, except those that were inserted manually. Pagination occurs when the document is displayed or printed, based on page length, margins, fonts, etc. When Docentric renders a content, it has no knowledge of pagination yet, so it cannot use it as a criteria for conditional content.

Sometimes we can find some workarounds for such conditional content. You can send us your templated to and explain the logic you would like to use and we will see what can be done.

Attached are the OMR specifications.
OMR.pdf (366.7 KB)

Marks has no relation to data, only pages numbers (First page, Last page, page sequence)

Hi rbenito,

I have analyzed the document you sent us and attempted to find a solution to your request.

Here are my conclusions:

Word internally uses so-called floating content, which means that page breaks are not fixed in the document. Rather, they are calculated dynamically when you open the Word file, depending on page size, margins, font sizes, headers, footers etc. During the design phase, Word does not have a mechanism to add content to specific pages.

Regrettably, we don’t have a solution to meet your requirements.

Hi Amir

Ok understood, thanks for your reply.