Clear print queue?

Hi, we have been testing print managment using the Docentric trace params and are experienceing a problem with a report continually printing. Is there any way to clear the print queu for a specific printer?


Hi CCullen,

Do you mean if there is a way to delete records from the DocTraceTable? If so, then it is possible if you are using Docentric AX 3.4.8.x.

If you are asking about DRA then this is standard D365FO feature and is out of scope for Docentric Support.

Thanks Alibin, this would be how to clear the ‘Document Routing Status’ queue in D365.

Hi CCullen,
Docentric created some extensions in Docentric AX parameters > Document routing where you can modify some values which are hard-coded in standard.

You can try experimenting with them and see if this would help in your scenario.