Auto Email invoice to customer for intercompany direct delivery sales order

Hi, for intercompany direct delivery orders is it possible to automatically email the invoice to the invoice to the customer?


  • Company A has a customer order but no stock.
  • They place an inter company sales order with company B for direct delivery to their customer.
  • The sales order in company A is automatically invoiced when the associated purchase orders are invoiced in company B.

Is it possible to have this invoice automatically emailed to the customer after the sales order is invoiced?


Hi CCullen,

A senior functional consultant could give you the answer to your question in terms of what D365FO allows in such scenarios. I can explain how Docentric pipeline can be involved to email the invoice.

Docentric runs on top of SSRS pipeline. When you start a report, the SSRS pipeline starts, performs security checks, reads and processes the data, and then Docentric intercepts it and continues it’s pipeline. So, if you manage to set/customize D365FO in such a way that the invoice posting is started in intercompany scenario, Docentric will start running as well and be able to email the invoice.

Thanks Albin, I will follow up with our parnter.