A formula to summarize values added from two columns

Hi, I have a column where I am multiplying two columns together to a get a value on each line. Then at the bottom I need to sum that. I am struggling to figure how to write that in the Xpath formula editor.

Here is the template I am working on. Thank you!

ProductReceipt_Modified.docx (523.2 KB)


To solve your requirement you need a similar approach as described here:


But, as you do not display the running total at every line, you can skip step 3 from the manual. This means you only need a Var element before the List element (1), and another one (with the same name: total) inside the List element (2):

Finally, there is a Field tagging element Total LBS which displays the value of the total Var element after it iterates through all the lines. The following expression returns the value of the total Var element:

Please test the solution with a data set containing more data than the one you have attached to ensure that the total weight is calculated as expected. Neither of the two var elements will, of course, be visible on the rendered document. Please let me know if it works.

ProductReceipt_Modified_var element.docx (523.8 KB)

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That’s great, thank you very much!