Video Webinar: Configurable Business Documents - Part 1 of 2

Webinar: Adding new fields to COnfigurable Business Documents

Our second and third webinar from the Configurable Business Documents in Electronic Reporting (CBD-ER) series explain what Configurable Business Documents are and how to use them in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

You will learn that Configurable Business Documents are special Electronic Reporting configurations, which are integrated with Print management and because of that, can be used instead of SSRS reports. To understand better this topic, we recommend you to watch our first webinar from the CBD-ER series: Electronic Reporting Basics.

Microsoft introduced Configurable Business Documents to enable functional consultants and end-users to customize business documents in terms of document design but also adding additional data they find missing in document data sources, all that without help of developers and directly from within D365FO. This is exactly what you will learn in this and the next webinar, using the Invoice document as an example.

We will first show you how to obtain such original ER configurations provided by Microsoft from LCS, and how to use them in Print management settings to print an invoice from D365FO. Afterwards, we will teach you how to print some additional fields on your invoice that are not included in the original configurations.

In this webinar, after deriving from the existing ER configurations, we will add new fields to the derived ER Data model and Model mapping, which means extending the data source of our invoice. In our next webinar, we will then derive and modify the corresponding ER Format and the template document in order to show the added fields.

All these steps will also be covered with the live demos.

By watching this webinar, you will get the fundamental knowledge to start exploring existing ER configurations provided by Microsoft, which are related to Configurable Business Documents, deriving new ones and make modifications your scenarios demand.

Webinar Resources

The webinar resources are contained in the single zip file that you can download on the link below. This time we couldn’t provide task recording files for the demos showed in this webinar due to Task Recorder limitations. However, our presenter Albin exported all ER configurations that he was using in the demos. You will find them as XML files in a subfolder within the zip file, so you can import them into your environment.

Download Presentation slides & ER Configuration Files >>

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Albin Lotrič
Senior Technical Consultant

Albin has been actively involved in exploring the functionality of Electronic Reporting and Configurable Business Documents since Microsoft announced it in June 2019. He shared his experience with this new technology in one of the best rated presentations at the Focus Europe 2019 conference in Brussels in October 2019.

For this series of webinars, Albin has prepared some of the use case scenarios that may seem most appealing to the target audience: functional consultants, IT managers and power users. From starting from scratch or changing an existing report, all without programming and deployment, to understanding new print destinations. You'll hear lots of practical advice and see lots of demos that will help you get started on your own and avoid the most common mistakes.

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