View and Download Archived D365FO Reports Directly From a Journal

When printing reports from common journals such as Customer invoice journal that contains both posted Sales orders and Free text invoices, OOTB you can preview a report using Copy and Original preview or print it using Print management. In both cases, the report (e.g. Sales invoice or Free text invoice) is always generated from scratch, and you will not be able to obtain the document which has been usually already distributed (e.g. to the customer) during the posting process.

To address this need, D365FO enables saving the generated reports in Print archive, after they have been distributed, for example, emailed to the corresponding customers. The built-in Print archive doesn’t offer storing of archived reports metadata such as Customer account number, Invoice ID or Sales ID, so you cannot actually relate a posted journal record to the archived report document. Luckily, Docentric has taken the standard D365FO Print archive capabilities to a whole new level, by supporting report metadata, introducing instant document preview, enabling download of zipped or even merged PDF files and much more! Learn about all improvements >>

Thus, when using Print archive improved by Docentric, you can search, for example, archived Sales invoices in Print archive by Customer account number, Invoice ID or Sales ID, and view the documents sent to the customer.

You can also open Print archive from Customer and Vendor cards and view the list of all archived reports for the selected customer or vendor. Learn more >>

In Docentric version 3.4.5 we introduced a new exciting feature that allows you to view and download archived reports directly from common journals (e.g. Customer invoice journal), instead of opening Print archive and searching archived reports by metadata (e.g. by Invoice ID). And the best part? As all Print archive improvements, the new feature is also delivered as part of Docentric Free Edition!

In this article, we will show you how to view and download archived invoices from Customer invoice journal.

Download archived invoices from Customer invoice journal

We introduced a new button on the Customer invoice journal form in the button group Invoice > Print archive > Download. By clicking it, you can download the previously archived reports for the selected journal records.

When you select a single journal record, the related archived report will be downloaded in the browser. If you have printed and archived the same report multiple times, only the latest archived document will be downloaded.

Note that if you saved a report to Print archive which was generated in non-PDF output format (e.g. Word or Excel), only PDF document will be downloaded from the journal. If you want to download the non-PDF document, you will need to open Print archive (and you can now do this via the new View button!) and do it from there.

On the other hand, when you select more than one journal record, the corresponding archived reports (if exist) will be downloaded as a ZIP file.

View archived invoices from Customer invoice journal

The new Print archive > View button provides direct access to the related record(s) in Print archive from the selected journal record. While still on the journal form, you will see how many related archived reports exist for the currently selected journal.

Clicking the View button takes you to the Print archive form filtered by the selected Invoice journal record. On the Print archive form, you can turn on Instant document preview, view used print settings, download encrypted PDF files or the sent emails.


View and Download archived reports from other common journals

We implemented access to Print archive from the following journal forms and for the following reports:

  • The Customer invoice journals (CustInvoiceJournal) form for the Customer invoice (SalesInvoice) report and the Free text invoice (FreeTextInvoice) report,
  • The Project invoices (ProjInvoiceListPage) forms and the Invoice journals (ProjInvoiceJournal and ProjInvoiceJournalV2) forms for the Project invoice without billing rules (PSAProjInvoice) report, the Project invoice with billing rules (PSAContractLineInvoice) report and the User defined project invoice (PSAManageInvoice) report,
  • The Purchase order confirmations (VendPurchOrderJournal) form for the Purchase order (PurchPurchaseOrder) report,
  • The Sales order confirmations (CustConfirmJournal) form for the Sales order confirmation (SalesConfirm) report,
  • The Packing slip journal (CustPackingSlipJournal) form for the Sales order packing slip (SalesPackingSlip) report,
  • The Quotation journal (CustQuotationJournal) form for the Sales quotation (SalesQuotation) report,
  • The Quotation confirmation journal (CustQuotationConfirmationJournal) form for the Sales quotation confirmation (SalesQuotationConfirmation) report.
Security aspects: Anyone who can print reports from a journal, can now also download archived reports from the journal. For opening Print archive from a journal, we create custom security artifacts that should be assigned to the user to be able to use this feature. Learn more >>

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