Video User-based security for network printers in D365FO

User Allowed Printers in D365FO

While previous Docentric versions supported report-based security for network printers in D365FO, called Report restricted printers, with version 3.4.0 we introduced user-based security for network printers. This feature is called User allowed printers and enables administrators to configure which printers are allowed for which users. This can come in handy if your company has hundreds of network printers, and each user can use only a few of them.

At the same time, we also introduced User favorite printersUser favorite and User allowed printers are actually two sides of the same coin, depending on a security setting that determines whether or not users can configure their favorite printers. In the case of User allowed printers, only administrators can set up printers allowed for users in D365FO. In addition, if a user prints a report to a network printer that is not configured as his allowed printer, the printing will fail.

The User allowed printers functionality is part of Free Edition, so why wait – download is one click away! Try it out now >>

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In the following video you will see how administrators can set up allowed printers for users, and how this affects printing reports to network printers in D365FO.

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