Video Use Multilingual Email Templates When Emailing Invoices in D365FO

Do you email invoices from D365FO to customers in multiple languages? Do you find it a bit cumbersome to set up multiple Print management settings for different languages?

So far, you were able to use D365FO labels and Docentric User-defined labels in all print settings, including the email body and subject, and this way achieve multilingual outgoing emails. However, this approach is tedious and not quite user-friendly in terms of formatting and readability; the better solution would be to have different email templates for different languages, each of them nicely designed and with placeholders to support dynamic data.

Starting with Docentric 3.3.9, when emailing reports, Full Edition users can take advantage of Report Email templates that support multilingual outgoing emails with dynamic body and subject. In other words, you can configure multiple Email templates per report in different languages and format them as needed, while using placeholders for dynamic information such as Document ID, Document Date, Account Contact Name, etc.

In the next release 3.4.0, beside Email body and Subject, you will also be able to configure and use Sender address (the From field) and Sender display name as part of Report Email templates.

On the other hand, Free Edition users can use Report Email templates as Email body snippets, i.e. as a snippet repository for different languages or email body parts. This way you can still keep and maintain the email bodies for all needed languages in one centralized location (the setup), and then use them as snippets when configuring multilingual emailing settings in Print management. Learn more >>

Watch the video below to see how a single Print management setting combined with Report Email templates can cover multilingual requirements.

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