Use Copy and Original Preview with Docentric Viewer in Docentric AX Free Edition

No matter if you are using Docentric AX Free Edition or the full product version, you can use Docentric Viewer to preview built-in SSRS report designs. This is also true for Print Management reports such as Customer invoices, Sales order confirmations, Purchase orders, etc.

If you want to preview a Sales order confirmation report from the Sales order confirmations journal form, you will use Copy preview or Original preview printing options on this form.


The built-in SSRS report viewer has discrepancy between previewed and printed documents, e.g. in the number of pages, problems with zooming and navigating through pages. To remove this problems you can use Docentric viewer instead.

In case of a Non Print Management report, you will simply open the report dialog form and choose Docentric Screen destination. This way Docentric viewer will be used instead of the built-in viewer.


For Print Management reports the situation is different since you don’t always have the possibility to open the report dialog form and select Docentric Screen as the target print destination. If you want to use Docentric Viewer with Copy or Original preview for, e.g. the Sales order confirmation report, you need to take the following steps.

Navigate to Organization administration -> Docentric AX -> Reports and open the Docentric report setup form. Register Sales order confirmation (i.e. the corresponding SalesConfirm.Report SSRS report design) as Docentric report. Turn on the Use only print destinations flag.


Open the Preview settings form from the Settings action tab and turn off the Use both Docentric design and viewer option, while the Use only Docentric viewer option should be turned on.


When you click the Copy preview or Original preview button on the Sales order confirmations journal form again, Docentric viewer will be used instead of the built-in SSRS report viewer.

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