Add a new parameter to SSRS reports in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Before we explain how to add a new parameter to an SSRS report, let just remind ourselves first that there are two types of report data sets and therefore two types of SSRS reports in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations: Query based reports DP (Data Provider) based reports The procedure of adding new parameters […]

Why is Container contents report always printed to Screen in D365FO

This article explains why Container contents report is always printed to Screen no matter which print destination you select on the Print destination settings form opened from its report dialog form. The WHS Bill of lading report shows the same misbehavior, so everything explained here is applicable to this report too. The Bug: Report is […]

How to add or change a parameter in Dynamics AX SSRS report

To add an additional parameter in SSRS report or to change the name or type of an existing one, the following steps should be taken: 1. Add parameter in the report data contract. 2. Change and compile contract and data provider. 3. Perform incremental CIL. 4. Restart AOS. 5. In Visual Studio attach the data […]