Printing to Default Printer in D365FO

When printing the reports to the Printer print destination by using the Print Management, D365FO users often need to print to a printer other than the one configured in the Print Management settings. There is a work-around: preview the report and then print, so that you get the chance to specify a printer of your choice. But wait, what if you need to bulk print many reports and it means repeating the same procedure over and over again? Wouldn’t it be good to have the possibility to define for each user his or her default printer in D365FO?

Printing to the user's default printer in D365FO is now possible with Docentric AX Free Edition and it is completely free of charge. You can download Free Edition and start using Docentric improved Print Destinations including the Default printer functionality right away.

When you use the Docentric Printer print destination, in addition to the standard list of available printers you will get the possibility to select the @DEFAULT_PRINTER@ printer name.

If the @DEFAULT_PRINTER@ printer name is selected, the default printer for the current user will be evaluated and used. The default printer to be used for a particular user is evaluated based on the configured per-company global default printer (lowest priority), default printer per user group (higher priority) and the default printer per user (highest priority).

With Docentric AX Free Edition you can send documents from within D365 to the default printer, which can be set per user, user group or legal entity.

When and How to benefit from the Default Printer in D365FO

The typical scenario where you will appreciate having the possibility to print to the default printer is the following: users working with the same reports are located at different rooms, floors, sites, warehouses etc.

  • With the standard D365FO functionality: Printer print destination in the Print Management settings for the report is configured to use a printer where majority of the users are located, while the other users will jog from floor to floor or use the earlier mentioned work-around with previewing and printing.
  • With the Docentric Printer print destination: Printer print destination in the Print Management settings is configured to use the @DEFAULT_PRINTER@ printer. Administrator configures the appropriate user groups and their default printers, which covers most users. For the exceptions, administrator or the user himself sets the user default printer.

To set up the default printer per company, user group or user, from the Printer print destination fast tab click the Company default printer, User group’s default printer or User’s default printer link.

Each user can also set up the default printer for himself in the Options form, if the administrator enables the Allow users to set up default printer option.


Learn more about how to set up and use default printer >>

Bonus feature: print to local printers

Standard D365FO application offers only printing to the network printers. Docentric AX Free Edition on the other hand provides an option to print to local printers directly from Docentric report viewer. You can simply preview the report, click the Print icon and then select any of the installed local printers.


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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>