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Having a fine-grained control over email sending has long been an unfulfilled desire of many users who have to deal with emailing of D365FO reports. Their wait is over! Docentric implemented a variety of features improving emailing in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which can be used also with Docentric Free Edition, a free D365FO Add-In.

In the previous article, we learned that Docentric enables emailing reports using the built-in outgoing email table Email sending status. Thanks to that, we gained much more control over which emails were sent and which weren’t, but more importantly we’ve got a possibility to resend failed emails. Email distributor batch sends emails from Email sending status, and if an email failed to be sent, it provides a modest error message that can be read from the corresponding batch job’s Log. It would be much more convenient to have (more detailed) error messages logged and accessible directly from the Email sending status form.

This is why Docentric improved error messaging for Email distributor batch and implemented Sending log for all outgoing emails in Email sending status (not just for emails with printed reports but also for emails created for Alerts, Workflow and Retail notifications). In this article, we will describe the setup and use of this new feature.

Enabling email sending log

Select the Docentric AX workspace > Docentric AX Parameters > Emailing > Email distributor batch tab and set the Enable email sending log checkbox to Yes. This option will start logging for Docentric email distributor batch.

Note that the Use Docentric email distributor batch must be turned on in order to turn on Enable email sending log.
When you install Docentric AX for the first time, the Use Docentric email distributor batch and Enable email sending log options are turned on by default. But if you upgrade Docentric AX from one of the previous versions you will need to turn them on manually. In both cases however, if you already have Email distributor batch up and running in your environment, you will need to reschedule it, i.e. to stop the batch job and start it again while these options are turned on.

Improvements of Email sending status and Email distributor batch

Docentric email distributor batch offers several improvements over standard Email distributor batch.

Multiple sender addresses are supported

You can send emails from different sender addresses. The Cc and Bcc fields are also supported as well as Reply-to, Bounce-to, Read and Delivery receipts. Docentric email distributor batch will take into account all these fields.

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Additional columns in Email sending status

Docentric adds two fields to the Email sending status table:

  1. Context information – when emailing reports it contains Report ID.
  2. Company Id – this info gets filled no matter if you are emailing reports or workflow notification emails.

Show message

The built-in Show message form is extended to show all attachments of the selected email message.

Download message

The new Download message menu item downloads the selected email message in EML format, which can be open with MS Outlook.


Sending log

Sending log traces sending of outgoing emails stored in Email sending status, done by Docentric email distributor batch.

To view the Sending log of an outgoing email, select a record and click the Sending log button.

The Sending log form shows sending history, with the newest events listed on the top. We can see below how it looks like to have an unsuccessful sending attempt that returned an error, followed by a successful sending of the same email.

You can view a log message in a larger textbox as well as in the form of Infolog on the General tab of the form. Note that the error message itself is much more detailed than when using built-in Email distributor batch.

As you can see, Docentric will give you fine-grained control over email sending. So take the advantage and start using it’s feateres.

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