Locate all customers with no primary email set in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

The quickest way to locate those customers or vendors, which don’t have Primary email address set, is to personalize the Customers or Vendors forms by adding the Email address column from the related party, i.e. the corresponding field of the related record from the Global address book table.

Usually we want to locate such customers or vendors in order to have under control for which of them we can deliver business documents such as invoices or collection letters via email.

To each default grid view, you can add additional fields (e.g. Email address) by selecting the Personalize this form button in the Options tab. A new form will pop up, where you need to select Insert > Field. Alternatively, you can simply right-click on any field in the header row of the grid and select Add column.

List of all available fields pops-up. Select those fields that you want to add, in our case Email address from the Global address book table.

The newly added field represents Primary email address of the customer and is now visible in the grid.

To locate those customers that don’t have Primary email address set, please notice that you cannot filter the grid but you need to EXPORT TO EXCEL and perform filtering in the downloaded Excel file.

Update Primary email address for a customer or vendor in Excel

There is more: You can even OPEN IN EXCEL the whole customer list and insert/update Primary email addresses from within the downloaded Excel file.

What you need to do is to mark wanted customers and click OPEN IN EXCEL to download the updateable Excel file. After you change any field value, you need to click Publish in the Data connector pane. For example, we added contact@company.com to the Primary email column of the first row where this field was empty. After publishing and refreshing the Customers form in D365FO, the entered value contact@company.com appears in the grid.


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