Let end-users edit outgoing emails with quotes before sending them out from D365FO

When a quote or a purchase order is printed in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, it can automatically be emailed to your prospect or vendor. In addition to that, Docentric Free Edition enables you to preview a generated document before letting D365FO continue with the emailing process. Learn how >>

There is one more great emailing feature that you can use completely free of charge – Open email before sending. It will enable you to download, open and edit the outgoing emails automatically generated by D365FO in your Outlook, and manually send them once they are ready. This means that you can double-check the critical emails generated by the system, possibly modify them to look more appealing, add some useful information, additional attachments, images or recipients. Only this way you can make sure that your prospects and customers will get perfectly composed emails.

Let’s see how this works on the example of emailing a quote from D365FO.

Set up Print management settings

We will set up the email settings for printing a quote in Print management setup as described in this article.

The only thing we will set up differently is the Open email before sending option, which we will turn on.

Email a quote from D365FO

Open Sales and marketing > Sales quotations > All quotations, and click QUOTATION > GENERATE > Send quotation in order to post and print a quote, which is currently selected.


Since we instructed D365FO to download the outgoing email messages in your browser by turning on the Open email before sending option, the generated quotes will not be emailed to the recipients automatically. So when we run the report, the email message with the report attached will be downloaded in the browser as an EMF file.

The downloaded EMF file is automatically recognized as the email message, so you can open and edit it in your Outlook. When you finish the polishing of the message to meet your needs, just send it from Outlook as you would send any other email created by hand. As you can see, the Open email before sending feature is a very simple and convenient way of ensuring that professionally looking yet automatically generated emails reach your prospects and customers.

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>