How to Set Up Docentric Server Parameters

The goal of this tutorial is to show how to set-up Docentric Server parameters. These parameters should be set up right after installation in order to make the Docentric AX product work.

Navigate to Company/System administration/Area page and under the Setup section you will see the Docentric AX menu. The Document management submenu refers to Docentric Document Libraries and the Reporting submenu refers to management of both Docentric SSRS and Basic reports.

In order to set Docentric Server parameters click the Docentric Server parameters menu item. In the setup form enter the service URL of Docentric Server and in the Service authentication section enter the service credentials. If Docentric Server requires basic HTTP authentication, you must specify user name and password, otherwise leave these two fields blank.

During product trial you can use Docentric Server in the cloud with the credentials that have been provided to you for the evaluation purpose.

In the Licensing tab page the product can be unlocked with a valid license file. If the product is already licensed, detailed license information is shown here.

In the Versions tab page you can see the versions of Docentric Server and Docentric AX Framework. Version of Docentric AX Template Designer you can find out in the About window of the Docentric AX ribbon in Microsoft Word.

In the How-to manuals tab page you can modify the URL to the online Docentric AX How to manuals.

In the DocGen flags tab page you can toggle the document generation flag that indicates whether errors occurring during execution should be shown on generated documents.

It is recommended to use GUIDs for temporary file names and this option is turned on by default. You can also use system generated temporary file names but be aware that collisions and undeleted temporary files can occur in some cases.

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