Docentric AX Setup

To start using Docentric AX Framework we need to set up some basic parameters such as connection to Docentric Server, AOS account authentication for READ access to SharePoint sites in case that report templates are stored on SharePoint, Document Types for archiving reports, etc.

We also have to configure Docentric Server in case of licensed product installation or on-premise trial installation.

Learn in this section:

Get started with Docentric AX

The recommended sequence of How-to manuals to get you started:

  1. Docentric AX architecture
  2. How to setup Docentric AX Framework
  3. How to use SSRS Reports with Docentric AX
  4. How to use Word Templates with Docentric AX
  5. How to use Docentric AX designer
  6. How to prepare data for a report or a document
  7. How to use Docentric Basic Reports
Download and use already prepared real world examples for your rapid start with Docentric AX.