Trial Product Installation

Download from Docentric Download Center:

  • Docentric AX Framework containing both »Docentric Project« and »Docentric Flat Projects« installation files (XPO files or models)
  • Docentric AX Template Designer installation package

For testing purposes you have been given an account for Docentric Server in the cloud. Please contact us if you have not received it in your download email or if testing in the cloud does not comply with your Company policies.

In case you want to evaluate the product with your own instance of Docentric Server installed on a server inside your Company, contact us for access to the on-premise installation package.

Installations should take place in the following order:

  1. Docentric AX Template Designer. See the installation manual >>
  2. Docentric AX Framework. See the installation manual >>
  3. Docentric Server in case of on-premise installation. See the installation manual >>

Get started with Docentric AX

The recommended sequence of How-to manuals to get you started:

  1. Docentric AX architecture
  2. How to setup Docentric AX Framework
  3. How to use SSRS Reports with Docentric AX
  4. How to use Word Templates with Docentric AX
  5. How to use Docentric AX designer
  6. How to prepare data for a report or a document
  7. How to use Docentric Basic Reports
Download and use already prepared real world examples for your rapid start with Docentric AX.