How to Unlock the Product with a Valid License

The goal of this tutorial is to guide you through the process of unlocking the Docentric AX product.

Navigate to Company/System administration/Area page and under the Setup section you will see the Docentric AX menu.

In order to unlock the product click the Docentric Server parameters menu item. The Docentric Server parameters form is open.

The service URL of your licensed instance of Docentric Server installed on premise has to be entered in order for the product to work properly. If you configured your instance of Docentric Server so that it requires (basic HTTP) authentication, you must specify a valid user name and password, otherwise leave these two fields blank.

Navigate to the Licensing tab page and click the Load license file button.

Locate and select the DocentricAxLicense.lic file that contains your license.

By clicking the Open button the file dialog will close. if the selected license is valid, the product is now unlocked.

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